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Desiree, the new owner of this magnificent former church located in Haddon Heights, NJ graciously donated 2 pews to the Guardians of the Past.

Formerly First Church of Christ Scientist, the building was originally built Circa 1921 and was added on to in 1950 to accommodate the growth of the church. The architect Bernard E. Miller aka Bernhardt E. Mueller, designed the church, pews and all of the lighting.

The church was active up until a few years ago when membership is said to have dropped to around 11 members. In 2018 the building was sold and Desiree is currently converting it into her new home, preserving much of the buildings architectural bueauty.

The Guardians of the Past has donated the pews to the Washington Township Historic Preservation Commission who was in need of a replica benches in the 1891 Blackwood Train Station at the Olde Stone House Village. There are no known photographs of the original station benches, so the pews were brought in to match as best as possible. They are similar in height to what was orginally there from the color markings on the station wall.

Thank you again to desiree, and also to Tim Weyand for helping us move them to the village!

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Please Pardon Our Appearance As We Are Working On This Section

Tom Vaccara, a long time Washington Twp resident and friend of our founder, graciously donated many of his prized tools in is amazing collection. We utilize many of his items on displays, particularly old automotive tools at the antique car shows. We appreciate Toms donation and cherish these items as had so long before. 

Mr Ken Schwarz has been an asset to Guardians of the Past since our inception. Ken is present at every event we assist with, and is always there with a smile! His knowledge of South Jersey Railroads has been beneficial to our research and assistance with restoration projects. Ken also continues to donate items of interest for displays and information sharing. He will occasionally post items he has on our Facebook Page so keep an eye out. Thank you Ken for always helping us out! Check out a few things Ken has given us.

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