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Our Founding Sponsors & Donors....

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Nicholas & Candice Appice

Theresa & Anthony Appice

June Atkinson

Ken & Debbie Atkinson

Edward and Emily Kessler

Bruce Atkinson

NJROPE Paranormal

Amber Roscioli

Henry Lafontant

Christina Metz

Annette Esgro

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More Sponsors & Donors....

Bradford White

Kohls Turnersville Store 314

Cape May Day Spa

Julie Howery

Barbara Wallace

Rick Bellebuono

John LLoyd Sr

Timmons Barber Shop

Kenny Smith's Towing II, LLC

American Pro Solutions, LLC

Buon Viaggio 

Gloucester County Hero Scholarship Fund

Alisha LeDonne Photography

D I N Real Estate Group

Cloud 10 Car Wash

Join the dedicated volunteers who make a difference in historical preservation!

Guardians of the Past is a Non-Profit group of volunteers who are committed to help restore and preserve historic sites and buildings along with educating people about their importance and significance in history. Our volunteers assist groups who may need help raising funds or networking with people who can help them succeed in their restoration and preservation efforts. Through fundraising, events, community       outreach and networking, our volunteers are here to help!


Guardians of the Past was merely an idea being perfected over the last few years, but 2018 has proven to be the true start of great things to come! Our Board of Officers have been dedicated to historical preservation for the last decade,  as well as volunteering their time and money to small groups who need assistance. 

Our Board wanted to provide a place where others who share our passion of history and volunteerism could gather, communicate, share ideas and stories all while making their communities a better place!

Becoming a member is FREE, fun, educational and gratifying! ANYONE can become a member and EVERYONE can be a part of something great! You do not need to know history to be a part of our family, you just need the desire to help others and make our world a better place!        

 Email us for more information!    


How will you leave your mark in history?

Interested in Volunteering?
Contact Us!

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